X-Ray Non-Profit Happy Hour

X-Ray Non-Profit Happy Hour

Airing weekly on XRAY.fm (1:30 pm Fridays, after the City Club broadcast), “The Non-Profit Happy Hour” is an great way to stay engaged with Portland’s civic leaders and trends. A half-hour interview program with host Phil Busse.

Friday, August 28:  Cameron Whitten, Executive Director, Brown Hope

Friday, September 4:  Paul Lumley, ED Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)

These recent shows connect with Executive Directors from Brown Hope and NAYA, two organizations at the pulse points for black, brown, and indigenous populations.

The interviews are pre-recorded, and I can tell you:  I so enjoyed hearing from Cameron and Paul.  Although it has been a tough summer, they each left me feeling optimistic.  They are insightful and inspiring leaders, each in very different ways, and each with Big Ideas for making Portland a more inclusive and equitable city.

Both Executive Directors – Cameron and Paul – are very different people, but both have remarkable, and very similar “origin stories” – coming out of tough childhoods and homelessness to become steady, thoughtful, inspiring and important leaders.

Please tune in – or download – these Non-Profit Happy Hours, and hear from two Portland leaders about how they are bringing words like “equity” and “opportunity” into action and reality for individuals.

– Phil