World Resources Institute – America’s New Climate Economy

World Resources Institute – America’s New Climate Economy

The World Resources Institute has released its new climate report:  America’s New Climate Economy: A Comprensive Guide to the Economic Benefits of Climate Policy in the United States.

Here in Oregon we enjoy the reputation of being environmentally-friendly, which is why this report might come as a surprise to some of us.  The World Resources Institute report on climate pollution reduction over the last 15 years puts Oregon in the bottom 11 states in the nation. Our carbon emissions went down, but only by 6%, while half of the states reduced by at least 20%, and Maryland and New Hampshire reduced by 38%.


The COVID-19 crisis emerged at a time when the U.S. low-carbon transition was experiencing significant momentum. Low-carbon technologies have become more affordable compared to fossil fuels, and U.S. clean energy investment and deployment have reached new heights.
▪ The impact of COVID-19 on the low-carbon transition has yet to be fully determined and will depend on how the federal government responds.
▪ This paper draws on the latest economic and policy research, which demonstrates that strong climate action and investments in low-carbon infrastructure can be effective ways to stimulate jobs and investment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and secure the economy’s long-term success.
▪ In contrast, delaying action on climate change will further expose the United States to costly damages from climate impacts, air pollution, and other public health crises.
▪ The United States can improve its manufacturing competitiveness by building a domestic market for low-carbon technologies and tapping into foreign markets. Moreover, climate action will help revitalize rural communities by diversifying their economies and providing affordable clean energy.
▪ The United States can ensure that climate policies are fair and equitable by supporting fossil fuel workers and communities, providing quality jobs, and ensuring the benefits are shared by all.

Read or download complete report here.