World Oregon Global Classroom

World Oregon Global Classroom

Staying inside doesn’t mean we stop exploring the world and all the exciting ways students and teachers can make it a more peaceful, inclusive place. Our Global Classroom team has been hard at work to create resources and opportunities to continue to engage and inspire global connection.

Supplementary Digital Resources for Culture Boxes
Looking for global and multicultural resources you can access from home during this moment? WorldOregon’s Global Classroom team is pleased to offer a growing list of Supplementary Online Resources that complement the hands-on content of our physical Culture Box library—whether for students or life-long learners of any age.

Available for teachers and parents alike, each resource includes links to a rich collection of online content, suggested books, and lesson-plans for learning about global cultures at home, in the virtual classroom, or wherever you may be. We have supplementary materials for 17 cultures now online and will continue to add more on a regular basis – so check back here!

Explore the Supplementary Digital Resources

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