What Could Possibly Go Right?

What Could Possibly Go Right?

Join the Post-Carbon Institute for their podcast series of interviews with thought leaders from around the world, hosted by author and activist, Vicki Robin, on “What Could Possibly Go Right?.  Starting with the acknowledgement that there is plenty to despair over, guests answer this central question and consider what good could potentially emerge from the many messes we’ve made.

In each episode, guests share their own unique, informed perspective, about emerging possibilities and ways humanity might step onto a better, post-pandemic path, while keeping all that is currently going wrong in clear view.  Join a variety of guests, including Severn Cullis-SuzukiTim DeChristopher, Heather Cox Richardson, Carolyn RaffenspergerReverend Lennox Yearwood Jr., and Nina Simons for how we can make a difference.

New Episode: Jane Davidson

As Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing in Wales, Jane Davidson proposed what became the Well-being of Future Generations Act of 2015—the first piece of legislation in history to place regenerative and sustainable practices at the heart of government.

In the newest episode of What Could Possibly Go Right?she and Vicki Robin talk about that landmark legislation and how to move other countries in the same direction.

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