Water Resilient Cities

Water Resilient Cities

A new publication has just been released by the Water Research Commission (WRC) in South Africa. The book, Water Resilient Cities, looks at the steps that cities and settlements around the globe have already taken to become more water resilient in the face of climate and population challenges. 

From water conservation and water demand management to sustainable stormwater and groundwater management, cities are exploring various ways to ensure that they can keep the taps running going into the future.

Read what experts from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban envision as livable cities in the African context and how they, and others from Toronto to Singapore and beyond, have started their journeys down this road. 

The book is not an exhaustive study of the concept of water wise cities and its application. Rather, it aims to present some of the steps that are already being taken internationally and in South Africa to embrace a future in which we can be more assured of sufficient water. Another aim is to raise awareness of the need for new thinking around how we design the areas where we live to the benefit of ourselves, and our planet. The publication serves to show that some changes are a possibility here, and now.

The book is available in two formats. To receive your copy, as well as a series of weekly excerpts in your inbox, subscribe here. This option includes access to supplementary features on water research. Examples include lessons from São Paulo after they stared Day Zero in the face, and what we can learn about managing drought from renowned places like the Kruger National park.

The book can also be downloaded directly from the Water Research Commission.

Enjoy the read! We hope you will also find it an inspiration to pursuit a better life for all.