Watch CCL’s national call with Dr. Renee Lertzman

Watch CCL’s national call with Dr. Renee Lertzman

On our national Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) call last Saturday, we were joined by Dr. Renee Lertzman, an environmental psychologist who shared her approach to dealing with the emotional trauma of climate change.

The first step in working through that anxiety is feeling that we are truly being heard, said Dr. Lertzman. “There’s something that happens when we hear the words ‘of course.’ We feel that our experience is validated… that is the basis for moving forward into action.”

On the call, we also heard some exciting developments on legislation our volunteers have been working on — the Energy Innovation Act, which has gained a new cosponsor since our June lobby meetings, as well as the Growing Climate Solutions Act to spread the use of climate-smart farming methods and the RECLAIM Act to help create jobs in distressed coal communities.

Watch the July national call to hear more from Dr. Lertzman and get our legislative updates.