The Heart of the Matter:  Systems Approach to Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

The Heart of the Matter: Systems Approach to Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

The content, written and narrated by Fritjof Capra, PhD, a world-renowned physicist, systems theorist, educator and author, shows how our global problems are systemic problems — all interconnected and interdependent — and that the SDGs, therefore, must also be seen as systemically interconnected. Indeed, the shift from a fragmented, piecemeal approach to integrated, systemic solutions will be critical to enable us to deal with a number of goals concurrently and achieve the 2030 Agenda by the deadline.

This project is the culmination of 30 years of research by Dr. Capra who has received many awards for his work. His many books include groundbreaking works such as, The Tao of Physics and the Web of Life, as well as his most recent book, The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision, which he co-authored with Pier Luigi Luisi.

The video itself was produced by a small network of professionals who, after taking the Capra Course, decided to help bring the work of Dr. Capra to world leaders working on the SDGs. They worked in close collaboration with the Commons Cluster of the United Nations NGO Major Group (the Commons Cluster). Since 2009, the Commons Cluster (formerly Commons Action for the UN) has provided a conduit between the grass roots worldwide, the UN and its Member States. Their objective: to help birth a world that is dedicated to the well-being of all people and Nature as a whole.

The more that people are able to knowledgeably adopt this systems approach, the greater the cumulative effect and the easier for humanity as a whole to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals on time.

So the more we join hands, the more effective we can be. If you find this video useful, we would be most grateful if you would make it available as widely as you possibly can.

We therefore respectfully offer this video, “The Heart of the Matter. A Systems Approach to Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals” for your consideration and invite you to watch the two-minute preview below, which is immediately followed by the full 29-minute video.

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