The Green New Deal: Bioneers Media Collection

The Green New Deal: Bioneers Media Collection


The Green New Deal proposal has transformed the political landscape of climate change in the United States seemingly overnight. Its deceptively simple framing undergirds a much larger objective:  leverage the spending power of the federal government to face climate change with the scale of investment and resources commensurate to the extraordinary size of the problem. Roosevelt’s New Deal was a powerful and effective response to the generational tragedy of the Great Depression, putting people back to work while rebuilding the country. A Green New Deal proposes to echo this endeavor by dramatically and rapidly altering our carbon footprint while building a thriving, restorative, equitable economy.

The idea has been discussed for many years although the term is thought to have been coined in 2007. Since the inception of the Bioneers Conference 30 years ago, brilliant speakers have addressed this concept from multiple angles.

We have compiled this media collection from our 30-year history to feature some of the most innovative thought leaders working on these topics. The videos, podcasts and articles below are presented within a loose framework based on the Green New Deal’s larger goals. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but more of a starting place to remind us that we have the expertise on hand to do what must be done. The question has always been how do we get these solutions to scale in time?—The Green New Deal may well be a large part of the answer.

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