The GlobalPDX Podcast

The GlobalPDX Podcast

Focused on gathering and sharing the many voices of the GlobalPDX community, our podcast “Speaking Change” highlights conversations with individuals from all areas of expertise, backgrounds, and experiences.

Episode 1 – Root Causes of Poverty with Dr. Evan Thomas
Andrea talks global engineering, GlobalPDX’s inception, and the trials of astronaut with Evan Thomas in this, GlobalPDX’s inaugural podcast.

Episode 2 – Organizational Sexual Violence Reponse with SAPRI Consulting
Andrea opens up with Brooke Galloway on trauma and empowerment, and how global organizations can improve their systems inside and out.

Episode 3 – Planetary Health is the Cure with Noor Trienekens
Long time GlobalPDX-friend Noor calls in from Indonesia to discuss radical listening, lessons from COVID, and planetary health (it’s the cure!).

Episode 4 – Confronting Contradictions with Clarence Edwards
Guest Clarence Edwards speaks to Andrea from Washington DC about power dynamics, inconsistencies in Aid organizations, and anti-racism momentum.

Episode 5– The Predatory Promise with Jennifer Martinez
We are joined by Jennifer Martinez of Repatriate our Patriots to expose the rampant injustice of deporting US Veterans. Jennifer is a Public Affairs & Policy Doctoral Candidate at Portland State University and is a sister of a deported Veteran herself.

Episode 6 – Racial Re-Engagement: The Battle Against Complicity in our ‘Progressive’ City

Very special guest Cameron Whitten (of Brown Hope and the Black Resilience Fund) speaks about Oregon’s inability to shake its racist roots, white culture that is largely detached from Black experiences, and the best future for every NGO.

New episodes air regularly.
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