Systems Change to Revolutionize our World for the Better

Systems Change to Revolutionize our World for the Better

In order to make meaningful change in society, we must address the root causes of its problems — not just treat the symptoms.

This week, we highlight bioneers who are challenging broken systems with regenerative solutions for a better world.

brandon king: Making the Transition from Extraction to Regeneration

Given the existential threats of climate change, economic inequality and ever-escalating political instability, we need concrete, integrated solutions to our shared problems. An inspiring model of what such an integrated approach could look like is Cooperation Jackson, an emerging network of worker cooperatives and solidarity economy institutions in Jackson, Mississippi, that is implementing a Just Transition Plan to develop a regenerative economy and participatory democracy in that city.

brandon king, Founding Member of Cooperation Jackson, shares his experiences helping to conceive and build these promising strategies. The goal is to show how we can all put our shoulders to the wheel and build a truly just future.

Watch his full keynote presentation here.

Beyond Capitalism and Socialism: A Conversation On Inventing the Regenerative Economy

As wealth inequality continues to grow, the escalating consequences of traditional economic models that have exploited the Earth and left millions in poverty are pushing us to the brink of transition. But what will the next system look like? How can we build a regenerative system that’s both socially and environmentally sustainable?

In this panel, four citizen leaders challenge the status quo with innovative ideas about what our world looks like beyond capitalism or socialism.

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