Sustainability: Key to Long-term Institutional Success

Sustainability: Key to Long-term Institutional Success

Repositioning sustainability as ‘just good business’, EAUC members are working hard to find new language and models to highlight the business benefits of sustainability and explain why it is key to the long-term success of higher education institutions.

‘Sustainability: Key to Long-term Institutional Success’ has been developed by EAUC and the University of Edinburgh, in partnership with the Committee of University Chairs (CUC), Rathbones, Universities UK and Advance HE.

Written by Governors for Governors, this Guide equips Board members to challenge the senior team to ensure they adopt a future facing, risk-based approach to planning and management, which can deliver institutional success in a resource constrained, competitive and volatile sector.

University leaders are recognising that students, staff and local communities are looking to universities to behave in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. Just last week, five leading Vice Chancellors formally signed the UK Government’s Emissions Reduction Pledge in demonstration of this.

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