– Sustainability Literacy Test – Sustainability Literacy Test

A test designed to measure and improve sustainability literacy.

“Sustainability Literacy” is the knowledge, skills and mindsets that allow individuals to become deeply committed to building a sustainable future and help them to make informed and effective decisions to this end.

Our “raison d’être”

The idea that drove the creation of Sulitest is that, in order to address the social, economical and environmental challenges the World is currently facing, and in order to build a sustainable future, all current and future decision makers urgently need  to improve their  knowledge, skills and mindset on Sustainable Development.Hence, there is an urgent and vital need to create and develop tools to educate citizen and decision makers on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and evaluate their global level of knowledge and awareness.

Our vision

Our vision is to develop Sustainability Literacy worldwide and empower engaged and committed global citizen to make informed and responsible decisions, and collectively build a sustainable future.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve Sustainability Literacy worldwide by providing citizens and organizations with internationally recognized and locally relevant tools to engage learning and to collect meaningful indicators on the awareness of sustainability challenges and solutions. Sharing these indicators may allow researchers, educators and other relevant stakeholders to tailor pedagogical approaches and learning experiments to support Education for Sustainable Development.