Stories to Change the World

Stories to Change the World


Because literature informs our expectations, Stories to Change the World publishes writings from people of color, youth, feminists, and informed optimists to further equitable progress in the world. In the face of overwhelming apocalyptic stories from the perspective of white patriarchy, it is imperative that other possibilities, from other perspectives amass in the body of literature.

Stories to Change the World is an assumed business name. The entity is fully run by Alexis Thompson, an educator of nutrition, gardening, and environmental science with a long history of community organizing. Her heritage is multiracial and sees the world from that point of view.

Under this assumed business name Alexis has published Stories to Change the World, a collection of short stories from youth and adult writers on the topic “positive and possible futures.” This work is done with the understanding that literature informs our expectations – and that, in order to arrive in a better world, we must have hopeful, realistic stories from diverse writers. This book is available for purchase here. Alexis has run this contest and published the corresponding book a total of three times through three different entities. A fourth book publication of this type will be created and may or may not keep its contest form. You are welcome to read up on the judges and sponsors who supported Stories to Change the World 2017-2018 contest season.

Stories to Change the World’s current projects include online publication of writings from people of color, youth, feminist, and informed optimistic writers, and curation of such works for printed books. Projects.

This work can’t be done alone. To increase the impact of these inspiring works, Alexis needs more people on her team. Quality proof readers, grant writers, publicists, community organizers, attorneys, and bookkeepers are in need.