Social Resources

Social Resources

It is amazing how communities pull together in emergencies and times of chaos.  Here are some great examples!

Small Yet Significant Kindnesses in the Time of COVID-19

In the spirit of communal support and community building, the APPS Team of Imagining America has been discussing the many ways that we can be effective, compassionate neighbors, family members, and friends in the face of this health crisis.  Let’s co-create an ever-growing list of ideas for actions we can take to support individuals and organizations in our communities and to take good care of ourselves ….

Facing COVID-19 With Community Instead of Fear

Confluence Environmental Center Resources and Friends – includes food, resources for families, health organizations, and regional organizations

Together At Home

4 Beautiful Gigs You Might Have Missed on ‘Together At Home’.  The “Together At Home” campaign unites people through music to drive meaningful action on COVID-19.  These artists showed their support for global health by calling on people around the world to take action against the spread of COVID-19.

Building Mutual Aid Relationships: A Guide to Starting Neighborhood Pods

Building networks of relationships in your community is good for any number of situations: supporting each other through this pandemic, an earthquake, a wildfire smoke emergency, a really bad snow day, or compassionately dealing with a massive influx of climate refugees.

FREE Stress Management Course from OSU
Three academics from Oregon State University (OSU) have created a 10-week course to help people understand stress the coronavirus pandemic is creating and to find coping methods. It’s called “Punch through Pandemics with Psychological Science.” OSU students can take it for credit, and the public can take it for free. The course material will be updated weekly, but it is not required that people participate at a particular time.
Enroll in the course: at (requires email address). See FAQ for registration options without an email address.

How Boredom Can Lead to Your Most Brilliant IdeasEnjoy this TED Talk

Some great resources from Philanthropy Without Borders.
Practices, resources, and articles for individuals, parents, educators, and health care professionals facing COVID-19.