SAGE Citizen Project – Bridging Political Divides

SAGE Citizen Project – Bridging Political Divides

Can we talk? Open and honest conversation across divides


Dear Friends,

While our country responds to a pandemic, we face yet another grave danger – intense political divides. Today, many news sources, politicians, and pundits hype up divisions between us, which makes it harder to listen to the “other side,” identify shared concerns, or find common ground. The truth is, Oregonians share much common ground, but we need to find more ways to talk constructively and problem solve.

What gets in the way? The confrontational tone of our political conversations fuels distrust and drives deep, artificial wedges between us.

During this election season, amidst the insults and cut downs, there is another story emerging. Across Oregon, organizations are working every day to promote open and honest conversations across divides. Through these conversations, people find more ways to talk and to bridge differences in age, place, and race, while also addressing a range of issues that affect all of us like healthcare, roads, jobs, and schools.

Each organization plays a different role. Collectively, we believe we are all in this together and that every day, Oregonians can positively influence the tone of our politics.

Through our SAGE Citizen Project, we are working hard to convene conversations with people who hold different views, and to assist the efforts of other groups who do the same. We invite you to learn more about our work and the work of our allies, get involved, and help us bridge political and other divides.

Where can you get started? Here are some great organizations to visit online:

We also invite you to contact us at SAGE to learn about opportunities to host or co-host one of our Citizen Project conversations.

For our future,

Stephen Higgs

Executive Director of SAGE