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REVITALIZATION is published to achieve five goals:

1) INSPIRATION: In these days of tragedy-obsessed new media, increasingly-dysfunctional national governments, and catastrophic climate change, it’s not easy to be optimistic. One of our roles is to share news of how our world is getting better. Solutions invented in one community are often replicable where you live, giving you the chance to move beyond optimism to action.

2) AWARENESS: If you’ve read the Preview of RECONOMICS or heard one of REVITALIZATION Publisher Storm Cunningham‘s talks in the past decade, you know that generating increased confidence in the future of a place is the single most important goal of any revitalization effort. Many struggling communities are working hard for a comeback, and many prosperous places are working hard to improve their quality of life and resilience. But it’s not just among residents that that confidence must be boosted: it’s also among those outsiders who might be able to bring new jobs and resources to the area. Excellent efforts won’t do much to build confidence if no one outside the community or region knows about them. So, one of our roles is to make the world aware of revitalization and resilience efforts they might not have heard about otherwise.

3) EDUCATION: But increasing confidence in the future of a place isn’t enough. When those new resources come to town, local public and private leaders need to understand how to put them to work to magnify and perpetuate their revitalization effect. Funding for redevelopment, revitalization and resilience is fairly common. Knowing how to leverage those investments is rare. So another goal of REVITALIZATION is to share knowledge, tools and insights as to what works.

4) FACILITATION: Our fourth goal is to help those with resources find mutually-beneficial opportunities that make this world a better place for all. Many of those opportunities are found on our Business page.

5) INTEGRATION: There are literally millions of talented people around the world trying to create resilient prosperity in their community or region. But almost all of them are working in a “silo”. Some only work on one type of asset (infrastructure, heritage, watershed, etc.). Some only work in a limited area, such as downtown or a waterfront. Some only work in one phase, such as planning or projects. But communities and nations are complex, living systems whose renewal requires comprehensive, ongoing effort. So, our final goal is to bring together all of these silos, and get professionals to “look up and see each other”: to become more aware of others’ roles. So our fifth goal is to enhance collaboration and system-level approaches.

Everyone—progressive and conservative—enjoys bringing ugly, unhealthy, unproductive places back to life. Everyone has a different perspective on what revitalization looks like, and what contributes to it. REVITALIZATION is where we learn together, and get inspired together.

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