Little Book of Green Nudges

Little Book of Green Nudges

The Little Book of Green Nudges (see the press release) was launched on September 1st by UNEP, GRID-Arendal and the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) at the World Academic Summit. Check out the launch video and see the full publication here.

What is the Little Book of Green Nudges?
The Little Book of Green Nudges is a quick guide to reducing your campus’ environmental impact through behavioural change in the form of a concise and user-friendly publication. It summarises the evidence around what nudges work best while seeking to encourage more sustainable practices among students and staff across several behavioural categories. It also provides simple guidance on how to implement and evaluate behavioural interventions in a variety of contexts.

Although the most important step in shaping a sustainable future for us all involves bringing about systemic and lasting change through working at the government and policy level, green nudges can complement this work by acting as an effective behavioural change mechanism to encourage institutions and people to take that first step in their sustainability journey.

If you are interested in being part of the pilot phase which involves testing out some of the nudges in the booklet, please sign up to be a pilot campus through this online form (more info below). This pilot phase is set to commence early 2021. 

How to get Involved

Universities / Student Unions / Green Offices: You can nominate your campus to be part of the pilot phase. This means that you will select at least one green nudge from “The Little Book of Green Nudges” and implement it on your campus. You will then let us know how it went, what the challenges were and basically give us any feedback that you might have. This will help other universities navigate the nudge implementation process through the sharing of best practices. Sign up to be a pilot campus here.

Students: You can bring the Little Book of Green Nudges to the attention of your university and encourage them to get involved and sign up to be a pilot campus here. You can also help to raise awareness around sustainable behaviour change on your campus while working together with other students, sustainability offices, green offices, catering offices, etc. to launch the pilot phase on your campus and implement green nudges together.

Note that the pilot phase is set to commence in early 2021 (this is yet to be confirmed depending on the state of the global pandemic). 

For more information on the booklet and the pilot phase, check out the website here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions around the publication or the pilot phase.