ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame Series

ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame Series

New from the International Society of Sustainability Professionals!

Announcing the ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame Series!  We asked our members of the ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame to discuss the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for the regenerative economy and the opportunities facing sustainability professionals.

So, where do we create the future: when we correct the harms of the past, we learn lessons from this crisis and take steps — I think that is where the sustainability movement comes in.

Dr. Vandana Shiva
Director, Navdanya

First in our discussion series is Dr. Vandana Shiva, inducted into the Sustainability Hall of Fame in 2019 for her contributions worldwide toward advancing biodiversity, regenerative agriculture, and gender equity.  Watch here as she shares her view of this radical time requiring a quantum shift in our understanding of ourselves as living beings.  Check back every few days as we share new discussions and insights from our ISSP Hall of Fame.  

For our ISSP members, we invite you to join us in a community discussion forum, allowing us to harvest our best insights for moving forward in alignment with our planetary boundaries.  

During this unusual moment, we are developing new ways to bring value to you, our core community. Soon, we roll out a new newsletter to better inform you on the leading innovations in our sector and ISSP’s offerings to provide you with the knowledge and networks you need to thrive.  In the meantime, go to the ISSP Event Calendar to find information about our upcoming programs and professional development offerings.

After this pause in the world’s activity, sustainability professionals are the brain trust for best shaping the next economy.  The ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame Series provides the insight to guide us toward this longer horizon.