GDP Meter

GDP Meter

World’s First 12-Month Rolling GDP Meter Demonstrates Relentless Growth

Arlington, VA, June 27, 2019— In a new landing page published today by CASSE, the first rolling, 12-month global GDP meter has been released on the internet. The CASSE Global GDP Meter shows how quickly, relentlessly, and ruinously GDP increases at this point in history. Accompanied by special effects, it sounds the alarm that a perpetually bloating economy is rapidly becoming the biggest threat of the 21st century.

CASSE rejects the recently popular notion that sustainability organizations must stay “positive” with their messaging. “Alarmism was never the problem,” says CASSE Executive Director Brian Czech. “If anything, not enough alarm has yet been raised about limits to growth. Not enough, not smartly enough, and not persistently enough.”

An article at the Steady State Herald describes the basic strategy of the “non-positive” landing page, which is clearly designed to be:

  • Alarming
  • Crystal clear
  • Distinctive and memorable

With an ominous din, relentlessly churning GDP Meter, and a collage of provocative photos, the point has never been made so clearly that the pursuit of perpetual growth leads to environmental, economic, social, and international catastrophe.

View the GDP Meter:
Learn about meter construction:


CASSE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. CASSE raises public awareness of limits to growth, identifies the steady state economy as the sustainable alternative, and studies the means to establish a steady state economy. For more information email

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