Exploring Ocean Frontiers Educator Resources

Exploring Ocean Frontiers Educator Resources

FREE Ocean Educator Resources with film clips, real-life data and engaging activities

Green Fire Productions has just released a suite of secondary and post-secondary educator resources to accompany their 4-part film series, Ocean Frontiers. The films explore how unlikely allies – government, industry, science and conservation – are working together to find solutions that benefit ocean ecosystems and economies.

The Exploring Ocean Frontiers Educator Resources build on real-world science and delve into ocean planning and stewardship, collaborative science, marine biodiversity, ocean data portals and stakeholder engagement. The secondary lessons are inquiry-based and connected to Next Generation Science Standards. The post-secondary discussion guides are designed to facilitate classroom conversations on collaborative ocean planning and the future of our oceans.

Download these complimentary resources.

In addition to these new Ocean Frontiers resources, our Exploring the Great Bear Sea Curriculum Resources are also available for download at no cost. This suite of classroom-based film and print materials was developed in 2016 and focuses on themes of Indigenous Knowledge, collaborative science and sustainable marine planning that are in use by 600+ teachers in British Columbia and beyond.