ESD publications for teacher-preparation

ESD publications for teacher-preparation


Check out these top recommended resources for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and teacher education.



  • McKeown, R. (2011). Into the Classroom: A practical guide to the initial weeks of student teaching. Knoxville: UT Press.   (This book can serve as an advanced organizer for teacher-preparation program or as a refresher before going into student teaching.)
  • Nolet, V. (2016). Educating for Sustainability: Principles and Practices for Teachers. New York: Routledge.
  • Santone. S. (2019). Reframing the curriculum: Designing for Social Justice and Sustainability. New York Routledge
  • UNESCO. 2012. Education for Sustainable Development Sourcebook. Learning and Training Tools no. 4. Paris: UNESCO.  (The ESD Sourcebook is an updated version of the ESD Toolkit, but leaves many activities out that are useful in the classroom, such as sustainability strips activity.

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