Earth School

Earth School

Earth School was just an idea.  A “how could we…” offer to pupils in lock-down to feel the awe of nature, to understand how intertwined we are with the planet and to see how we can each act to live cleaner and greener lives.

Now it’s very much alive and we have the first 4 of 30 lessons live which have created by a network of teachers and environmental specialists who have downed tools to build the lesson plans for the School.

Already the feedback from students across the world is magical with Vishank saying  “this is going to be sooo beautiful! Looking forward to each and every of them ” and Alyssa saying “this is epic aaaaaaa”.

Partners from WWF, BBC and Nat Geo have shared some of the best materials they have and you can now see it here:

Our aim is to get millions of students spending time on the site and learning about how to connect to nature. To do that, I’d love any support / ideas / suggestions you could throw our way as to how we can get there.   This could range from

  1. Connecting us to networks: Who else could help us seed / promote this within the education / environment / public service media / government community?
  2. Connecting us to people with passion: How could you help us promote & support this so we can raise its profile?
  3. Nuggets of other insights: What other ideas come to mind off the back of this, who else should be speaking to?

Earth School is an offering for us to explore how we can “learn back better” and think about what the important of nature for all of our lives.  Here’s the intro video + social media toolkit with all you need to know and this is now available in 8 languages & a bit more about the idea can be read here