Conscious Capitalism Launches New Elevate Business Conference

Conscious Capitalism Launches New Elevate Business Conference

Have you noticed that something is shifting in business? When the Business Roundtable proclaimed the purpose of business is to bring value to its stakeholders, they put a stake in the ground for the next decade and more. The changes will be significant across every level of business.

Conscious Capitalism’s new Elevate Business conference will help you discover what this accelerating trend toward stakeholder capitalism means for you and pinpoint next steps to keep you relevant in investment, consumer, and talent markets. Ask yourself!

  • How do I embrace this shift and maintain profitability?
  • How do I position my business to attract investors?
  • How does caring for people help my bottom line?
  • How can I shop and invest with companies that match these values?

Why Portland?

Portland is home to a number of iconic brands and celebrated companies that represent a higher purpose in business by supporting social enterprise, amazing cultures, stakeholder engagement, and conscious leadership. Companies such as Keen Shoes, Oregon Chai, Ruby, Dave’s Killer Bread, XPlane, New Seasons Market, Salt & Straw, Nossa Familia Coffee, and many more represent positive business in our community. Portland has the most active Certified B Corporation community in the US. Numerous other companies are dedicated to sustainable practices, integrated social responsibility programs, and creating great workplaces for their employees. Together, we represent a community that strives to rise above the bottom line and elevate business to new levels of service to humanity.