Climate Strike Educator Resource Guide

Climate Strike Educator Resource Guide

I’m excited to share with you the Climate Strike Educator Resource Guide created by a group of partners to support educators in taking action, both within and outside the classroom, on the Global Climate Strike on Sept. 20.

A global movement of youth is at the forefront of today’s climate movement. Young people are demanding action, as their futures will be defined by the climate leadership that we make today. One young activist, Greta Thunberg, began striking from school every Friday outside of Swedish Parliament in August 2018, a tactic that quickly spread in the formation of Fridays for Future youth groups striking in their communities around the world, and a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for Thunberg. Students have taken up this charge in the United States through Fridays for Future and partnering Youth Climate Strikes teams at the local and national scale. 

Youth are speaking clearly and powerfully to local and global leaders, raising awareness and urgency, making action on climate change a political priority that for many hadn’t been before. These students have called for a global day of action on September 20, inviting adults to strike with them on an unprecedented scale to demand urgent climate action. This will kickstart a week of action to highlight this urgency at the United Nations Climate Action Summit

This is a unique opportunity for us as educators to use this pivotal moment to empower and support our students in taking action on this historic day. Check out these guidelines on how to be an adult ally in a youth-led movement.

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