350PDX Updates and Resources

350PDX Updates and Resources

It has been almost three weeks since our lives fundamentally changed. 350PDX has changed too, and we’ve tried to quickly adapt to this moment. Here’s our plan.

  1. Look after the community

The health and economic wellbeing of our volunteers, our supporters, and the wider Portland community is our number one priority. To combat the fear, uncertainty, and hardship that many are going through, we’ve been creating and sharing COVID-19 resources, mutual aid efforts, facilitating community organizing, and checking in with our volunteers and supporters. We’ve also jumped into new coalitions working on developing and passing policies like a rent / evictions / mortgage / sweeps moratorium, as we can’t have climate justice without economic and social justice (read more about the Just Transition here).

  1. Seize the moment

In moments of crisis, progressive policies can take an evolutionary leap forward. Ideas that were dismissed as too radical just a week ago are starting to seem like the only reasonable path to get out of this crisis and prevent future ones. An economic crisis with unprecedented unemployment is what sparked the original New Deal. Now a Green New Deal to create millions of clean energy jobs may be our best route back to economic stability, paired with other policies like Medicare For All, and a People’s Bailout to help people get through this pandemic. For 350PDX, that looks like building new coalitions and creating climate solutions that are also pandemic solutions. So we’re seizing this moment, because if we don’t, then corporations and rightwing politicians will.

We’re also seizing this online moment, by making our actions more accessible online (see our new actions page), and pivoting Earth Day to be a massive three days of digital actions (more on that very soon!).

  1. Prepare for the future

When the lockdowns end and in-person actions and events are allowed again, we will be ready. We are using this time to do the things that we are often too busy to do – deep strategic planning; creating and running trainings for ourselves and volunteers; growing our digital organizing capacity.

We wanted to keep you all in the loop about what we’re thinking. These plans will surely change as the situation changes, but we will try our best to be doing the most compassionate and strategic job we can.

Here’s your 350PDX weekly update.

COVID-19 Resources

  • Request Support Form / Offer Support Form

    Our biggest priority right now is making sure folks in the 350PDX community can get the support they need. Please use the request support form if you would like food and other supplies delivered to you, and the offer support form if you would like to volunteer to help. It is being run by an all-volunteer grassroots network that has sprung up to provide mutual aid across the city.

  • 350PDX COVID-19 Resources Page

    Dineen has just given the resources page a big update (Thanks Dineen!) so check it out for the full list of resources for self care, community care, tackling bias/xenophobia, and organizing during this time. Take a look here.

  • Asset To The Resistance – COVID-19 Guide

    This is the best guide we’ve seen on navigating our confusing system right now, from emergency funds, unemployment advice, and info on those $1,200 checks. The ‘Supporting The Most Vulnerable’ section on page 2 will also be interesting to those of you itching to help out in person.

  • Join the COVID-19 Community Support Facebook Group

    With over 3,000 members already, this support group is to help coordinate mutual aid in the Portland region during COVID-19. It provides the latest in local news, opportunities to support workers, online community events, and a place to ask for help.

    Let us know what other support would be useful! Also let us know if you know of other resources we should be sharing on this newsletter! Email chris@350pdx.org.


  • Demand a People’s Bailout

    The stimulus package has been passed, but with only $1,200 going to each person, roughly equivalent to 1-2 weeks wages, it’s not going to be enough to get us through this crisis, and emerge on the other side in a better position to tackle our economic, health and climate crises. Join us today to demand a #PeoplesBailout and #PeopleNotPolluters!

    Call your Representative and make your voice heard. More info here.

  • Sign the Green New Deal stimulus letter

    A large group of climate and social policy experts, part of the national Stop the Money Pipeline coalition, are urging Congress to rebuild the economy with a Green Stimulus. They tell Congress eight policy options to shape the debate. You can help boost this letter by signing on. Read the letter on Medium, or jump right to signing.

Other Resources