Student Networks

College Network

GPSEN’s College Network is collaboration of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff engaged in sustainability efforts at their colleges and universities across the region.  Led by a College Network Fellow through PSU’s Student Sustainability Center and point people at each campus, the network is dedicated to maintaining a database of interested students, faculty, and staff around the region and increasing awareness about local, regional, national and international sustainability issues, and have actively co-hosted events, presented at various conferences, sponsored networking events, and facilitated cross-promotion of events and resources between colleges and universities in the region. To learn more, contact Anis or Heather Spalding.

Youth Network

The Youth Network is committed to helping empower and mobilize youth to connect with each other, learn about local, regional, national and international issues, and find ways that they can make a difference together to help create a sustainable future in the greater Portland region and beyond.  The Youth Network has hosted events, presented at local and international conferences, developed an international pen pal program, participated in programs through World Oregon and Model UN, and shared outreach and resources between schools in the region and with youth around the world via social media. They hope to develop relationships between middle schools, high schools and colleges to mentor incoming cohorts of youth to maintain projects and programs after students graduate, so they can be sustainable and leave an ongoing imprint on Portland. To learn more, contact Neeraja Havaligi.

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Student Networks

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