PCC’s Eco Social Justice Grant 10-year Anniversary

PCC’s Eco Social Justice Grant 10-year Anniversary

It is the 10-year anniversary of the Eco Social Justice Grant (formerly the TGIF) at Portland Community College!  

To celebrate the work and commitment to sustainability a short video was produced to highlight the amazing work that has been done by many at PCC and funded by students. 

Over $1 million dollars of student activity fees have gone towards reducing PCCs Carbon Footprint.  Enjoy this awesome video produced by PCC Media Services (thank you Sara) to learn more!

A Very Brief History of Student Fee Funded Green Grants and Sustainability at PCC! 

  • 2004  Led by Amanda Ellertson, Student Life Professionals and several student leaders attended a sustainability conference to learn about the sustainability movement in higher education. At this conference we heard how students at four year institutions were creating green fees to help pay for sustainable practices and programs on college campus to offset carbon footprints. We decided we wanted PCC to lead the way and be one of the first community colleges to create a green fund. We began to work with stakeholders and ensured broad student buy in.
  • 2005  We presented the TGIF proposal to PCC administration for the first time and it was denied for various reasons.
  • 2006-07 The TGIF proposal was reworked and we found answers to the questions that had kept it from passing the previous year. Students passed a 10-cent per credit hour fee that would go directly to The Green Initiative Fund. At the time, this brought in approximately $80,000 per year for green projects.
  • 2008 A request went out to the college community for the first TGIF proposals! This was an exciting time!

Through the years – The Rock Creek, Sylvania, Southeast and Newberg Learning Gardens all received funding from the TGIF. Many other amazing programs and projects received green funding as well.

  • 2017 The ESJG Taskforce received grant proposals for over $320,000 in projects. This was twice the amount we had to award. The Cascade Garden was funded in this cycle.
  • 2019 Cascade Campus breaks ground on their learning garden! To date, it is entirely funded by the Eco Social Justice Grant (formally the TGIF).