January Newsletter: Happy New Year!

January Newsletter: Happy New Year!

A new year, full of possibilities!  What vision do you have for a sustainable future?  How can advancing sustainability education initiatives in our community help you get there?

Our upcoming GPSEN Sustainability Symposium is the perfect opportunity to share your ideas and learn from others.  With a focus on collaboration, diversity, innovative problem-solving, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we want to highlight cutting-edge sustainability projects or research happening in our community.  The Call-for-Proposals is open until this Sunday, January 6, so don’t delay.  Contribute to “Building Bridges to Sustainability” by suggesting speakers, workshops, posters, and art exhibits.  Plus, don’t miss out on a chance to be a Sponsor for the Symposium.  Details are available on our website.

As GPSEN Fellow Frank Granshaw quoted in his reflections on his experiences at COP24 “Our children and future generations don’t need our anger and despair, they need our courage and our commitment to act.  They need our spirit to build solidarity at a time when science has detailed the suffering and destruction we could avoid if we act urgently, effectively, and fairly.”   ~Lindsey Fielder Cook, Quaker UN Organization

Together, let’s see what we can accomplish in 2019 and beyond!

Looking forward,
Your GPSEN Team