Global Opportunities for SDGs (GO for SDGs) initiative

Global Opportunities for SDGs (GO for SDGs) initiative


As part of Germany’s and UNEP’s promise to step up their efforts for globally implementing the SDGs, the German Ministry for Environment and UNEP have created ‘Global Opportunities for SDGs’ (or in short: GO for SDGs). This new initiative aims to accelerate and raise ambition for building inclusive and sustainable economies and societies, by facilitating regional dialogue and exchange among practitioners on best practices for replicating and scaling-up effects, and by fostering local institutional learning and experience sharing.

Expected impact

This new initiative will act as a regional pacemaker and enabler, fostering exchange on innovative and successful practices from countries while building on existing pools of expertise around the world and further strengthening local capacities. Specifically, it will galvanise support and enhancing the capacity of three change-agent groups: policy makers, business, and society/youth. These groups will be the key to guiding and implementing sustainable economic policies, investments, business models and enable consumer choices towards sustainability through newly designed regional sustainability hubs and regional sustainable business fora.