E42 Emerging Leaders-2019

E42 Emerging Leaders-2019

The Center for Diversity & the Environment is honored and pleased to announce that through generous funding from Metro’s Nature and Neighborhoods grant and US Fish and Wildlife funding, we are offering a third Environment 2042 Leadership Program for Emerging Leaders cohort in 2019.


Our E42 Emerging Leaders Program is focused on supporting emerging leaders age 18-25 in their personal growth and work to deepen understanding of the implications of our changing demographics, understanding systems as ways of supporting or undermining performance, developing skills in working across differences and with communities of color and developing action plans.


Each cohort includes representation across various dimensions of diversity with a strong emphasis on racial and ethnic diversity. Selecting a balanced cohort is a critical and a unique element of this leadership program. As we begin the process of recruitment, we invite you all to nominate any emerging leaders that you believe will benefit from an experience like this one.


Please note that we will be reviewing applications as they arrived, so please encourage your Emerging Leaders to apply ASAP as the deadline (Monday, Dec 10th 5:00 pm) is coming up fast.

Following is more information about the E42 Emerging Leaders Program and the Center for Diversity & the Environment. Please feel free to contact Queta González, Punneh Abdolhosseini or Gladys Ruiz with any questions.  Please see attached documents for more information and the E42 Emerging leaders application.


For more information about Center for Diversity & the Environment and our work, visit: www.cdeinspires.org


For more information or for any questions, please contact:


Queta González                                                    

Director, Center for Diversity & the Environment

Cell: 503.926.4868