COP25 Talanoa Dialogues Report

COP25 Talanoa Dialogues Report

Neeraja Havaligi, GPSEN’s ED, submitted a summary of the Talanoa dialogues between participants at the December 2019 Virtual Bridge to COP25, hosted at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) and Lewis and Clark College.  It offers a pulse from Portland for climate change and COP25.

This report is a brief summary reflecting the voices of participants, their concerns, potential solutions and questions for leaders at the COP as we collectively walk on paths responding to changes in the climate.

Our Talanoa dialogue was led by three questions:
1. What are two things that concern you the most about climate change?
2. Where do you want to be in 20 years?
3. What questions or suggestions do you have for the COP25 participants (to get to the 20-
year goal?)

This report was made possible with inputs from the participants at the Virtual Bridge Event and the virtual bridge team Frank Granshaw
(GPSEN), Owen Rudloff (GPSEN), Vickie Coats (OMSI), and Jessica Kleiss (Lewis and Clark College) for their support.

Read the full report here:  Talanoa Dialogues_Pulse from Portland-Dec 2019