7th RCE Americas on ESD, Conservation and Climate Change in Agenda 2030

7th RCE Americas on ESD, Conservation and Climate Change in Agenda 2030

7th RCE Americas on ESD, Conservation and Climate Change in Agenda 2030

Posadas, Misiones, Argentina, October 25- 27th, 2018

GPSEN Participation Report, Executive Director, Neeraja Havaligi


Travelling halfway down the world with flights that seem to go on forever, interspersed with stunning views of land and the sky and interesting incidents during layovers, the RCEs of the Americas conference was a rewarding experience, showing  the collective energy that is working for Agenda 2030 through local, national and international collaborations for the SDGs. There are important opportunities for the RCEs of the Americas to network across common themes of interest such as climate change, biodiversity conservation, equity, justice and inclusion networking landscapes and communities through ESD.

The RCE’s meeting on ESD, conservation and climate change in Agenda 2030 was hosted by RCE Cuenca del Plata Institucional at Posadas, Argentina, in October 2018. Diego Adamson, with RCE Cuenca del Plata, and his team of ever-ready-to-help people hosted this well-planned and executed RCEs meeting, bringing together local leaders, acknowledging their work and arranging for field trips which gave insights to local people, their land and their history.

The participating RCEs included RCE Georgetown (Pamela Martin), RCE Greater Atlanta (Dr. Jennifer Hirsch, Lisa Smith, Garry Harris, Valerie Mac, Kris Charfield), RCE Saskatchewan (Roger Petry), RCE Curitiba-Parana’ (Patricia Charvez),  RCE Greater Burlington, RCE Bogota (Prof. Maria Mercedes Callejas Restrepo), RCE Lima- Cailao (Dr. Teresa Salinas Garmero), RCE Western Jalisco (Dr. Carlos Garcia Palomera), RCE Portland (Neeraja Havaligi), RCE Saskatchewan (Dr. Roger Petry) and UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education towards Sustainability Charles Hopkins.

Check out the overview of the RCE presentations and photos from the conference at the UNU Global RCE Network website.


Salto Encantado, the Cataratas

(Neeraja, Oct 28, 2018)



taking colors



of the earth, the forests, and

everything she passes.



all in

gentle breeze

swaying trees

lifting butterflies

lifting collective ooooos and aahhs.


red  and stunning hues many

of minerals

microbes and many synergies

working together.

Water, air and soil……

The earth, its abundance

The sky, its boundary

Reminds me

all precious things are


yet tangible

if we take a


to absorb

Its sounds

the colors

the flavours

the essentials

that make us



Sustainable Development Tour

(Thanks to Ornella for the Spanish translations. Written by Neeraja, Oct 28, 2018)

I walk the

path of my





Buo (owl)


Tegu (the golden one)

Pecca Pescado



They ask: Don’t you have enough?…

it makes me think, this question

as I walk the path of their painted faces

and pug marks on trail.

How, I ask myself

am I stepping on them,

as I do on the prints on trail.


Every plastic cup

every waste I create

I cover my elders, my ancestors

across species

with my footprint.


Every new molecule I make

and it stays…..

I cover my elders

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