The Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network College Network hosted a powerful event focused on “Food Security in Uncertain Times” on Tuesday, November 17.  We appreciate the time and expertise shared by presenters to help participants learn about food security resources on campuses in the Greater Portland area including at Pacific University, Portland Community College, Portland State University, and Reed College.

As promised, we are providing resources from the event so that you can continue to share them among your networks.

First, the event slides with associated links are available, as well as the Link to the event recording- please share!

Plus, here are resources available to you across your campuses, and the area:


Pacific University:

University Center (U.C.) Building, Room 104,  8am-5pm*

For  24/7 access, please call CPS at 503-352-2230

  • For non-immediate access, please email or 

  • Free Food Markets nearby:

    • Forest Grove High School, Mon & Thur 2-4pm

    • Forest Grove Foursquare Church, Thur 10:40am-1pm


Portland Community College:

Program is to help students bridge the gap by providing $50 gift cards every two week. Resources are based on funds as they last.


Portland State University (PSU):


Reed College:

And in the Greater Portland area:

Contact information for speakers are:


For questions or feedback about the event or ideas for future events, please contact Serena Dressel, at