Board of Directors-Coordinating Committee

Board of Directors

    • Kim Smith, GPSEN/RCE Coordinator, Portland Community College
    • Nicole Baber, NB Consulting
    • Alfredo Gonzalez, City of Portland
    • Frank Granshaw, Portland State University
    • Lin Harmon-Walker, Ethical Futures Institute
    • Laura Kutner, Trash for Peace
    • David Macek, Northwest Earth Institute
    • Nick Pasquale, Freelance Project Manager and Filmmaker
    • LeRoy Patton, Portland State University and Elders in Action
    • Bruce Podobnik, Lewis & Clark College
    • Briar Schoon, Portland Community College
    • Heather Spalding, Portland State University
    • Senior Advisers:
      • David Cohen, The Intertwine Alliance
      • Charles Hopkins, UNESCO
      • Gary Obermeyer, Learning Options
      • Debra Rowe, U.S. Partnership for ESD
      • Grace Taylor, Bainbridge Graduate Institute
      • Judy Walton, Portland State University


      The Coordinating Committee serves as the Board of Directors for GPSEN, helping shape and facilitate the work of GPSEN. Members of the Coordinating Committee volunteer their time to:

      • Establish GPSEN’s mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives
      • Create strategic plans to meet the core mission and goals of GPSEN
      • attend monthly meetings
      • provide input on GPSEN/RCE activities
      • help with outreach to increase awareness of the mission of GPSEN in our broader communities
      • serve as liaisons between GPSEN and their member organizations
      • attend quarterly GPSEN partner and stakeholder meetings
      • and conduct the overall business of GPSEN through volunteering with a subcommittee and/or working group of interest.

All stakeholders are welcome to participate in the coordinating committee and are asked to commit to a one-year term.

For information, please contact Kim Smith.



  • Develop organizational structure/internal policies to meet mission and goals
  • Engage in strategic planning
  • Model ethical governance, including accountability and transparency
  • Develop and implement policies on organizational and political advocacy
  • Maintain accountability of GPSEN on issues of diversity, equity, and justice as they relate to sustainability education
  • Seek out and implement funding opportunities to support staff and project capacity
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other regional efforts
  • Develop assessment tools that evaluate results of programs and support transparency and accountability
  • Assess outcomes and provide public reports

Working Groups

  • Policy and Planning
  • Ethics
  • Development
  • Assessment

To join the Governance subcommittee or a working group, contact Nicole Baber. For more information on Development efforts, contact Laura Kutner.

Outreach & Communications

  • Develop and implement plans for outreach and partnership development and retention
  • Facilitate transparency on GPSEN’s goals and actions
  • Participate in programs to raise public awareness about education for sustainable development, including presentations and tabling
  • Develop clear branding, messaging and marketing materials
  • Insure diverse representation, messaging and actions based on social equity and justice
  • Influence broader policy development related to education for sustainable development
  • Manage listservs, newsletter, social media, and website
  • Keep updated calendar/opportunities list for partners/public
  • Collect best practices and resources to be shared on website and in newsletters

Working Groups

  • Partnerships
  • Community Outreach
  • Marketing
  • Diversity and Equity
  • Advocacy
  • Newsletter and Social Media
  • Website

To join the Outreach & Communications subcommittee or a working group, contact Briar Schoon.

Programs & Events

  • Increase sustainability education and training opportunities in the region
  • Co-sponsor, organize, and/or promote conferences and workshops
  • Foster collaboration and connections among members, including formal and informal educators
  • Develop networking opportunities, including socials and symposiums
  • Facilitate discussions about regional issues and challenges
  • Develop programs for members focusing on professional development and capacity building, including workshops and leadership development
  • Empower and mobilize youth in our community
  • Set up internship opportunities
  • Develop service-learning opportunities

Working Groups

  • Events
  • Professional Development
  • K-12 Youth Network
  • College Student Network
  • Civic Engagement

To join the Programs & Events subcommittee or a working group, contact Heather Spalding.

Research & Curriculum

  • Support efforts to advance research in our region, on sustainability issues
  • Identify existing research
  • Promote collaborative research opportunities
  • Promote and help disseminate research
  • Work with Outreach team to keep research visible on website
  • Research and post best practice tools on website
  • Promote and share curriculum development
  • Offer forums for innovation through our Think Tank
  • Facilitate articulation agreements between institutions

Working Groups

  • Research Projects
  • Research Database
  • Curriculum Development
  • Think Tank
  • Articulation

To join the Research & Curriculum subcommittee or a working group, contact Bruce Podobnik.  For more information on the Think Tank, contact James Reed.