David Macek

David Macek

As a Massachusetts native who spent the last 12 years in California, Montana, and Colorado (and 25 countries traveled in between!), David has worn many hats leading transformation-centered nonprofits – executive director, director of operations, director of community engagement, project manager, and volunteer/event manager – focusing on critical issues relating to the environment, education, and culture. Within each organization, he has uncovered new systems and partnerships that improved efficiency and collaboration to support new growth and greater impact.

He thrives in carrying the big picture for organizations and translating long-term goals to clear roles and responsibilities for a team. Currently, David is the Executive Director of Northwest Earth Institute in Portland, OR.

David also has his own web business working with mission and community-centered businesses and nonprofits. His passion is to help organizations use the power of innovative technology to communicate their values, services, and impact in an authentic, engaging way. David brings his unique experience as a web designer and nonprofit leader to fulfill these critical needs of social benefit organizations.

In a previous career, David worked as an Underwriting Analyst for commercial earthquake and flood insurance. David has a B.S. in Mathematics and Minor in Economics from Stonehill College in Easton, MA and a Masters in Environmental Leadership at Naropa University in Boulder, CO – an interdisciplinary, contemplative-based program that explores social and ecological innovations at individual, community, and global levels. Part of his research during the program looked at sustaining authentic and resilient nonprofits.

When he’s not in the office, David loves being outside and experiencing the fullness of every season with his family.


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